Professor Milivoje Kostic contributes two articles to Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology

The Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology has just been published (7/20/2007) by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, a renowned publisher of scientific and technical information products. One article by Kostic, “ Energy: Global and Historical Background,” presents a global and historical overview of energy use with emphasis on energy diversity and universality, as well as providing a vision for energy future sustainability in the post-fossil fuel era, which represents only a blip on the human-history radar screen.

The second Kostic article, “ Physics of Energy,” elaborates on the concepts of energy as “the building block” and fundamental property of and indivisible from matter and space, thus a fundamental property of existence, Furthermore, energy exchanges or transfers are associated with all processes (or changes), thus indivisible from time.

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Kostic, whose interest and expertise is in thermodynamics and fluid/thermal/energy area (more at ), has previously contributed (in 2004) a fundamental article, " Work, Power, and Energy" to the six-volume “Encyclopedia of Energy” published by Elsevier/Academic Press, the first encyclopedia ever published on the entire field of energy ( ).