NIU's Human-powered vehicle wins 4th place

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) East Overall Rank: 4th place
Endurance: 2nd place
Female Sprint: 3rd place
Male Sprint: 8th place
Overall sprint race: 4th place
Design event: 11th place

NIU's human powered vehicle team with their vehicle

The event is a national collegiate design competition sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The 2005 ASME East coast Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge was held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama April 22-24.

Student teams conceptualize, design, analyze, manufacture, and test a human-powered vehicle. The teams compete against other universities in design aspects including overall design and innovation, analysis, testing, safety, and aesthetics.

The teams compete in two dynamic events: the sprint race and an endurance race. The sprint race consists of a 300 meter run up section to gain speed, then a timing section, then a run off section. The time is measured for the vehicle to traverse 100 meters and the average speed is calculated. The sprint race scoring is based on the average of the male rider and female rider's time. The endurance race is a 40 mile race in which team rider complete anywhere from 3.5 miles to 12 miles around a specified track. The endurance race is scored by number of completed laps by the time the first team rides 40 miles.