Graduate Programs

Graduate Study Opportunities

The graduate program of the Department of Mechanical Engineeringoffers many opportunities for graduate assistantships, tuition waivers and job employment in the Chicago and Rockford area. All assistantships include a full tuition waiver and monthly stipend that is enough for living on campus.

The Chicago/Rockford area is one of the largest manufacturing areas in the United States. It is home to hundreds of manufacturing companies including Caterpillar, Motorola, Hamilton-Sunstrand, Ingersoll, John-Deere, International Trucks and Lucent. It is also home to two national research laboratories: Argonne National Lab and Fermi Accelerator Lab. Many students take advantage of local industry and work in the summer, leading to a full-time job after graduation.

Research projects cover many advanced topics including micro-machining, micro-forming, nano-technology, vibration and acoustics, fuel cell, advanced computing and simulation, finite-element analysis, multi-body dynamics, nonlinear control, robotics, walking machines, two-phase flow, computer data acquisition, HVAC, materials research and engineering education research.