Faculty and Staff

Mechanical Engineering
NameTitleResearch Expertise Office Phone Email
Alice Pileski  Office Manager 226 753-9976 apileski@niu.edu
Beatrice Kooken Office Manager 226 753-9979 bkooken1@niu.edu
Kyu Taek Cho Assistant Professor

Study of micro-fluid behavior in porous media, Development of new types of batteries (redox flow batteries), Development of nano-fluid to enhance heat transfer, Electrochemical study to develop advanced batteries, Microbial fuel cell, Electrolysis to produce the renewable fuels, Design of heat and mass transfer system 

102 753-3346 kcho@niu.edu
Brian Coller Professor Dynamics & Control -Nonlinear dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, nonlinear control, and traffic dynamics. Applications include turbulent boundary layers, aerodynamic instabilities in jet aircraft engines, aeroelasticity, and vortex dynamics in bluff body flows. Advanced computing and simulations using video game technology. 214 753-9944 bcoller@niu.edu
Behrooz Fallahi Professor Multibody Dynamics; Synthesis of Mechanisms; Design Optimization; Finite Element Analysis; Applications includes simulation of railroad vehicles, Graphical User Interface for design of machines and mechanisms, and finite element modeling of piezo-actuators. 220 753-9964 bfallahi@niu.edu
Jenn-Terng Gau Professor Sheet/Foil metal forming, forging, microforming, adiabatic impact net-shape forming, adiabatic impact powder forming, and high strain rate deformation. 120 753-1261 jgau@niu.edu
Matt Gonser Instructor 148 753-2308 mgonser@niu.edu
Abhijit Gupta Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Tremor control for Essential Tremor and Parkinson's disease; Measurement of Dynamic Modulus of Damping Materials; Fatigue failure under Random Vibrations; Accelerated Life Testing; Vibration of Wind Turbines; Damage Detection; Active and Passive Vibration Control; and Electromagnetic Shock Absorbers. 212 753-9379 gupta@niu.edu
Meung Kim Professor CAD/CAM and NC Technology; FEM/BEM Analyses; Laser/Micro-Laser Machining/Welding; Mechanical Systems Design; Hydraulic, Solar and Wind Energy; Composite Materials; Aerodynamics; Virtual Reality; and Biomechanics. 218 753-9965 mkim@niu.edu
Milivoje Kostic Professor Thermodynamics and Energy fundamentals and applications; Nano-fluids, Non-Newtonian flows and heat transfer; Computational and Experimental methods with computerized data acquisition; Design, analysis, and optimization of fluid/thermal/energy components and systems. 208 753-9975 kostic@niu.edu
Pradip Majumdar Chair and Professor Thermo-fluid Sciences; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat Transfer; Fuel Cell Energy and Battery Storage systems; Solar Thermal Energy Systems; Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media; Micro-Nanoscale Heat transfer and Fluid Flows;  Electronics Cooling; Laser Material Processing; Blood Flow in human arteries and stent design; Laser Heating and Treatment of Human Tissue and Tumors; and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. 226A 753-9970 pmajumdar@niu.edu
Nicholas Pohlman Associate Professor Granular Flow – transient dynamics, efficient transport, and biomass utilization; Experimental system design and verification – both for undergraduate education and in support of high energy physics at FermiLab; Estimation and Control; Local energy generation (i.e. pyrolytic cookstove) for developing nations. 216 753-9913 npohlman@niu.edu
Ji-Chul Ryu Assistant Professor Integrated Planning and Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots and Mobile Manipulators, Intelligent Mobility Assistive Technologies with Mobile Robot Systems, Dynamic Nongrasping Robotic Manipulation, and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Modeling and Control. 108 753-9035 jryu@niu.edu
Federico Sciammarella Professor Optical Methods (moiré, interferometry, holography) for characterization of material properties and structural analysis; and Laser Materials Processing including Laser Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Laser Assisted Machining of Ceramics and other hard materials. 136 753-1288 sciammarella@niu.edu
Scott Short Assistant Professor Materials engineering/metallurgy; composite materials; applied mechanics; stress & strain analysis; failure analysis (including welds); fatigue analysis; design using ANSYS/WORKBENCH finite element analysis; mechanical testing; structure-property relationships. 144 753-8566 sshort@niu.edu
Bharat Thakkar  Instructor 104 753-9913 bthakkar@niu.edu
FAX# 753-0416
CAD/CAM Lab 231 753-1255
Dynamics & Vibrations Lab   253 753-1293
Exper. Mechanics &mmp; Materials Proc.   265 753-8026

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