Intermediate RiderCourseSM

The Intermediate RiderCourseSM (IRC) is designed for persons with previous motorcycle riding experience who are returning to the sport or who have been riding for some time without obtaining a motorcycle license endorsement. It may also be for the individual who has previously passed a Basic RiderCourse (BRC) who has not yet purchased a motorcycle or would like additional training and an opportunity to practice and enhance their skills before going on the road into the traffic mix or for experienced dirt bike riders who may want to start riding on the street.

The IRC presents an overview of the fundamentals for the safe, responsible operation of a motorcycle. It provides riders the opportunity to renew or learn skills and to acquire the knowledge and strategies important for a successful transition into operating a motorcycle on the street and in the traffic mix.

The IRC was developed to provide a training experience for riders who already have the basic motorcycle operational skills of straight line riding, shifting, stopping, clutch control and who need or desire to refinement those skills to demonstrate the minimum competencies required for motorcycle licensing or endorsement purposes.

The IRC consist of 8.5 hours of classroom and hands on instruction. To successfully complete the IRC you must pass knowledge and skill (riding) evaluation. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a completion card (it is not a license to drive) that when presented to the Secretary of State, Department of Motor Vehicles, Drivers Licensing Facilities, will waive the riding test requirement.

For the IRC, training motorcycles are provided and loaner helmets are available. It is recommended that you bring your own helmet. Personally owned helmets will provide a better and a more comfortable fit.

IRC courses will be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays from 8 AM to 6 PM.

IRC Eligibility

Riders are expected to have recent riding experience, be familiar with and able to operate basic motorcycle controls, and have been actively riding the past two years. Riders must be at least 18 years of age (riders under 18 are required to take the Basic RiderCourse).

Riders must demonstrate competency with basic operational skills during the screening exercises to continue in the course.

If it is determined that a rider needs additional skills development before proceeding, the rider shall be referred to the Basic RiderCourse.

What Gear You Need to Bring:

  • ¾ or full face, DOT approved helmet (you may use one of our ¾ helmets if you wish), if you choose to use your own helmet it will have to be visually inspected by a RiderCoach before you will be allowed to wear it
  • Eye protection, for our purposes sunglasses or regular prescription glasses are sufficient, we do have a small number of “snap-on” face shields at each of our locations
  • Long sleeved jacket or shirt, keep in mind how the temperature may change during your course
  • Full fingered gloves, leather preferred, an open back discouraged but acceptable
  • Long pants of denim or other heavy material, in good repair e.g. no holes, bell bottoms should be avoided
  • Over the ankle (ankle bone MUST be completely covered) footwear, a low heel is best, work/hiking/cowboy type boots or leather/heavy synthetic material high-tops are acceptable, cloth/canvas gym shoes or “Uggs-style” boots will not be allowed