A few words about the Basic or Intermediate RiderCourse completion card:

Completion cards for the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) and Intermediate RiderCourse (IRC) will be mailed after course completion. It may take up to four weeks after your course before it is mailed from our office depending on workload and staffing. Course dates, projected mailing dates and actual mailing dates are listed in the table below. Check often to see when cards for your course have been mailed. The completion card used for the BRC and IRC are the same card and will say "BEGINNER RIDER COURSE STUDENT COMPLETION CARD" at the top of the card.

The completion card is good for one year from date of issue, which would be the last day of your BRC or IRC. The card should waive both the written and riding tests at the Secretary of State’s office.  There may be instances when you are required to take one or both of their tests for various reasons. The card is yours to keep and while many people laminate their card do not do so until after you have completed the licensing process.

Another important thing to note: students under 18 will have to take both the riding and written tests at the Secretary of State's office in order to attain the "M" classification on their Driver's License. You should pick up the Illinois Motorcycle Operator's Manual for the knowledge you will need for their written test and the riding test is outlined in the back of the IMOM. An electronic version can also be found here.

We will strive to get the course completion cards mailed as soon as possible after a course. While we have taken all possible steps to make the course paperwork delivery process as efficient as possible it can still take up to a week before the paperwork from your course can start being processed.

Please allow four weeks from the last day of your course before contacting the office. If you do not receive your card in exactly four weeks after the last day of your course, please contact our office via the email address that should be provided during class. Please do not contact the Project office before that four week period.  Phone calls and email about completion cards slow down the processing of course paperwork. If you call the Project office seeking information about your completion card, in order to better serve you, please have your specific course information at hand (such as course number, location and/or dates).

****Be aware that Northern Illinois University requests return service on all mail, which means that if your mail is being forwarded or you have a hold in place, the post office will return your card. If your card is returned to us, we will attempt to contact you via email to verify your mailing address.

Lost Card

A lost completion card can be replaced for up to one year from original date of issue. Please contact the Project office MotorcycleSafety@niu.edu to request a copy of the necessary form. There is a $15 handling fee. The course completion date will be listed as the date of issue on the replacement card not the date the replacement card is issued.

2015 Completion Card Mailing Schedule

Below is the projected mailing schedule for course completion cards.


Course Dates

Cards Will be Mailed No Later Than:


1 March 31 - April 3 Monday, April 25 April 11, 2016
2 April 7 - 10 Monday, May 2 April 15, 2016
3 April 14 - 17 Monday, May 9 April 27, 2016
4 April 21 - 24 Monday, May 16 May 6, 2016
5 April 28 - May 1 Monday, May 23 May 18, 2016
6 May 5 - 8 Tuesday, May 31* May 19, 2016
7 May 12 - 15 Monday, June 6 TBA
8 May 19 - 22 Monday, June 13 TBA
9 May 26 - 29 Monday, June 20 TBA
10 June 2 - 5 Monday, June 27 TBA
11 June 9 - 12 Tuesday, July 5* TBA
12 June 16 - 19 Monday, July 11 TBA
13 June 23 - 26 Monday, July 18 TBA
14 June 30 - July 3 No classes due to July 4 weekend
15 July 7 - 10 Monday, August 1 TBA
16 July 14 - 17 Monday, August 8 TBA
17 July 21 - 24 Monday, August 15 TBA
18 July 28 - 31 Monday, August 22 TBA
19 August 4 - 7 Monday, August 29 TBA
20 August 11 - 14 Tuesday, September 6* TBA
21 August 18 - 21 Monday, September 12 TBA
22 August 25 - 28 Monday, September 19 TBA
23 September 2 - 4 Monday, September 26 TBA
24 September 9 - 11 Monday, October 3 TBA
25 September 16 - 18 Monday, October 10 TBA
26 September 23 - 25 Monday, October 17 TBA
27 September 30 - Oct 2 Monday, October 24 TBA
28 October 7 - 9 Monday, October 31 TBA
29 October 14 - 16 Monday, November 7 TBA
30 October 21 - 23 Monday, November 14 TBA
31 October 28 - 30 Monday, November 21 TBA
*NIU Closed May 30, July 4, and Sept 5