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Ken BarnettUniversity Honors Program
Campus Life Building 110

Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
Altgeld 100

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A Message from John and Cassandra McKearn

Dear McKearn Fellows,

When we started to design this fellowship program, we very much wanted to create a more enriched, more varied and more world-balanced educational experience. You already have a great classroom and laboratory environment. We wanted to bring you learning opportunities and experience that will be important as you move forward from NIU. We hope that this program will serve as a springboard for you to continue to seek to deepen your experience and learning – opportunities which can serve you well in your soon-to-be-launched career aspirations.

As you work to deliver the high quality that you hold yourselves to, we hope that you also gain experience and confidence in new-found resources, collaborations and personal toolkits/principles that will help you achieve things you never dreamed possible. Each of the alumni mentors that you meet will tell you that they never expected to succeed in life as they did. Believe us – we never did either. You are starting out with so much more – continue, challenge, inspire and thrive.

Your experience and learning will be very helpful as we craft plans with your mentors at NIU and in the alumni base. I think we are all working in a zone that no educational experience has ever offered.

Again, we look forward to meeting each of you and to hearing about your projects and perspectives. We eagerly anticipate the completion of your projects and hearing from you in the future.

Our very best to each of you,

John and Cassandra McKearn