Materials Management

Recarpet Move Quicklist

Requesting department's responsibilities for recarpet moves:

  • Draw a map of area, marking the location of furnishings so movers know where to put them back after move. Label all items with the appropriate user name or room number to correspond with map.
  • Assign a contact person who will be there during move to answer questions and give directions if needed.
  • Empty and pack contents of storage cabinets, bookcases, shelving units (if moving), credenzas, and all lateral files. Regular 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer letter or legal size file cabinets may remain full to move if just relocating to the hallway. Lock them if you have a key.


In most cases they must be upended to move. Remove and pack contents. If there are any extensions (L's) on desk or for workstations, partitions attached, it must be disassembled. You must contact the Physical Plant Work Order Desk and make arrangements with carpenters and electricians for disassembly and reassembly of anything before and after move.

Computing Equipment and Office Machines

Make sure they are unplugged and/or disconnected (call appropriate computing or telecommunication services personnel for assistance. Movers are not responsible for any electronic equipment nor do they disconnect or unhook items being moved.


If a move will generate surplus, please provide Property Control with a detailed list containing your department name, name of person and phone number of person requesting this, a description of items for surplus and the NIU inventory numbers.

If you still have questions regarding your move, please call the Distribution Services Manager at 753-6280.