Materials Management

Ordering Stock Items

Stock items are ordered through our stock item ordering form. Use Microsoft Windows Explorer when ordering. Other browsers will not display properly.

Orders for food items are placed through our new portal:

Transportation request forms and mileage logs are no longer available through Central Stores. Please contact Transportation Services at 753-1558 to order these forms.

Ordering Instructions for Stock Orders

  1. Using the drop down menu, select your College/Division from the list provided.
  2. Fill in the provided areas with your department, location, name of the person ordering, and telephone number.
  3. Fill in your departmental accounting information. "Account" is a line item code (office supplies will be 810025). "Fund", "CostCtr/Org", and "SubClass" are specific to your area. "Fiscal Year" will default to the current fiscal year. "Project/Grant" remains blank unless a project/grant is used.
  4. Select a category from the drop down menu provided. The choices will be office, food, general (which includes food service items plus coffee related supplies), and comm (janitorial supplies). The category com nonstock - janitorial supplies we can obtain but do not keep on hand - must be ordered separate from all other stock items.
  5. Select the desired item you using the provided drop down menu.
  6. Enter the order quantity in the area marked "Qty".
  7. Click the button labeled "Add To Order". If an entering error has been made while ordering, click on the delete link and the incorrectly ordered item will be deleted from the order.
  8. Repeat as necessary until ordering is complete. Please note the order page will default to the last used category, so if you wish to speed the process order like classified items consecutively.
  9. Print a copy of your order before you click on the "Submit Order" button.
  10. Click on the button marked "Submit Order". You will be provided with an Order Number - use that number when inquiring about the order.
  11. You may then either place another order or, if your ordering is finished, exit from the system.
  12. A bill will be electronically sent to the ordering person after delivery of the order. Bills will generally be sent to the ordering person one to two weeks after submission of the order.
  13. Please note that Central Stores reserves the right to change listed catalog prices without notice.

Returning Items

For return purposes. keep original packaging a minimum of 30 days.

Provide the Order Number and the catalog number of the item being returned. Indicate why the return is necessary. If the item being returned is small enough, return via Campus Mail; otherwise, call 753-6280 and request a pick-up. A copy of either the Packing List or the Billing must be included with the return.

Central Stores will process items returned as damaged or defective for replacement, unless the ordering department indicates otherwise.

Returns will be processed after both the paperwork and the items being returned are received in our office. Items must be returned in the original packaging. Credit can only be issued for the current fiscal year. All returns are subject to approval by Central Stores Management.

Emergency Order Procedures

Central Stores understands that sometimes situations arise where items are needed on an “emergency” basis. For emergencies only, departments may do the following:

Submit the order electronically as instructed above.

Contact Central Stores (753-6274) to notify us of the pick-up request. Allow at least 30 minutes for Central Stores to process and fill theorder. Bring a copy of the order to Central Stores.

Order Status

Central Stores is concerned about processing orders in a correct, timely fashion. You may always check on the status of an order by E-mailing CentralStoresOrders, or by calling 753-6274. Please have your order number available.