About SSMC

Student Social Media Consultants

About SSMC

The mission of SSMC is to enrich Northern Illinois University's social media efforts by contributing to on- and off-campus advertising; engaging students, faculty, and alumni; interacting with potential students; monitoring NIU's brand image; and connecting with potential students.

SSMC will work closely with the Division of University Relations to supplement NIU's social media efforts and initiatives. Students who participate in this organization will gain valuable experience working on university social media initiatives as well as leadership skills, and will have access to the expertise of business professionals. 

General responsibilities of SSMC members will include:

  • Bringing a fresh perspective to NIU's current social media initiatives
  • Creative idea generation
  • Representing NIU in a professional manner
  • Monitoring the public brand image of NIU
  • Researching emerging technology

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Questions? Contact us at socialmedia@niu.edu.

2013 Projects

  • SILD Leadership Conference workshop on social media
  • Facebook friends parody video

  • GoPro series
  • Campus Q&A