Calculus Tutoring

Director: Brian Veitch
Northern Illinois University
Department of Mathematics
Dekalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 753-6755

*Go to the Exam Archives link for calculus resources, study guides, and practice exams.  

Calculus Videos

If you need help reviewing a calculus topic, stop by the Math Assistance Center.  If you don't have time, check out one of the videos below.  Each video was recommended by a student or made by an NIU faculty member.  Keep in mind, they are not a substitute for coming to class.

Click here for the Calculus Videos

Additional videos can be found at Khan Academy or PatrickJMT.


Calculus I and II concepts

These lists are a good way of keeping track of what you know and don't know during the course.  If you find yourself not sure about some of them or want to practice, stop by the Mathematics Assistance Center (DU 326). 




Applications of Integration