Northern Illinois University

Macro/Micro Manufacturing Laboratory


Jen Gau Jenn-Terng Gau 
Assistant Professor

Research interests: Sheet Metal Forming, Microforming, Forging, FEM analysis, Solid Mechanics, Experimental mechanics, Machine design, Manufacturing process

Meung Jung Kim Meung Jung Kim 

Research interests: CAD/CAM; VR (Virtual Reality); Laser cutting; Machine vibrations; Composite materials; Thermal Imaging and interferometry

Pradip Majumdar Pradip Majumdar 

Research interests: Analysis and design of thermal energy systems; Thermal design of electronic components; Fuel cell energy systems; Refrigeration and air-conditioning; Computational and experimental heat transfer and fluid dynamics; Finite element analysis; Transport phenomena in manufacturing and material processing; Nano-scale heat transfer and fluid flow

Clifford Mirman Clifford Mirman 
Professor and Chair of Technology Department

Research interests: finite-element-analysis, manufacturing design, robotics, kinematics

Andrew Otieno Andrew Otieno 
Associate Professor

Research interests: Numerical control, CIM, automation

Federico Sciammarella Federico Sciammarella 
Assistant Professor

Research interests:Optical Methods (moiré, interferometry, holography) for characterization of materials and structures. Laser materials processing such as cladding, heat treating and surface cleaning

Simon Song Shin-Min (Simon) Song 
Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department

Research interests: Robotics; Walking machines; Gait study; Mechanisms; Rehabilitation; Crutch design; Automation; CAD/CAM; Neural networks; CMP modeling; Diamond coating applications, Fuel Cell; Solar Energy; Alternate Energy

Xueshu Song Xueshu Song 

Research interests: Machining process modeling and adaptive control, application software development and validation, welding, engineering economy


Richard Johnson Richard Johnson 
Director, ROCK Program

Research interests: Micro manufacturing, Laser processing of materials including cladding and laser assisted machining of ceramics, supply chain management, disruptive manufacturing technologies, technology transfer, and alternative energy technologies.  National impacts of manufacturing technology

Joseph Santner Joseph Santner 
ROCK Senior Program Manager

Research interests: Engineered Shape Casting Technology; Mechanical Property Measurement Including Fatigue and Fracture; Materials Characterization; Virtual Manufacturing Development; Application of Web Tools for Information Management and Project Execution

Alan Swiglo A. Alan Swiglo 
Assistant Director, Manufacturing Process Research

Research interests:Micromanufacturing, Adiabatic Processing, Laser Assisted Machining of Ceramics, Power Transmission Gear Metallurgy and Heat Treatments, Precision Manufacturing