Northern Illinois University

Macro/Micro Manufacturing Laboratory

Partners (IAB)

  • Machine tool OEM - to be determined
  • Department of Defense contractor for phased arrayed radar systems, slip ring contacts, electromagnetic shielding, RFI/EFI shields - to be determined



Stamp titanium up to a thickness of 0.002 inches with a minimum size of 0.01 inches square to a maximum of 0.100 inches square.


Build on lessons learned from "Micro-forming press for micro-forming research and education" and "Size effects in micro-sheet metal forming." Build from brass and Al to Ti.


Gain the advantages of virtual manufacturing in micro-forming Ti by understanding the constraints microstructure places on continuum mechanics modeling.


  • Design double-acting stamping machine for Ti
  • Assemble stamping machine
  • Develop test stamping geometry
  • Product test stamping tooling
  • Machine and tooling trials with fine-grain Al
  • Evaluate Al trial and secure fine-grain Ti alloy
  • Modify tooling and stamping machine if required
  • Ti alloy stamping trials and evaluation


  • Preliminary design of double-acting press 85% completed - sent to TACOM for approval
  • Order components before end of 2007
  • Explore cost and availablility of Ti foil for prelimnary trials
  • Develop concept tooling to evaluate stamping feature size capability