Latino Congratulatory Ceremony


Latino Congratulatory Graduation Ceremony - Registration for the ceremony is now closed. 

The Latino Congratulatory Graduation Ceremony is an intimate ceremony designed for our Latino Students who are graduating. Unlike Commencement, this ceremony is more intimate since the numbers are smaller. The ceremony is also a bilingual ceremony and it is a great way to demostrate the success of our students. 

In the ceremony, we also honor 3 Latino students who go above and beyond their duty of just being college students. These students are honored by the following three critierias that anyone can nominate them for:

Award Criteria

Academic Award: Explain how the student has used his/her academic studies to enrich his/her life. How has the student contributed to the academic success of others? Required minimum GPA 3.0.

Community Service Award: Explain how the student has demonstrated a sustained commitment to community service on or off campus. Provide specific examples of the communities the student has worked with and the kinds of projects undertaken.

Student Leadership Award: Explain in what ways the student has served as a leader for the Latina/o student community. What motivated the student to be a leader?

Who is eligible to nominate students?

Any faculty or staff memberwho is registered at Northern Illinois University or community leader may nominate a student.

If you have any questions about the ceremony, please contact Flor Carabez at

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