Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Paul is accepting a graduate student for the Fall 2014 school year. Please see below for further information if you are interested in applying to work in her lab.


NIU has an American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited graduate training program in Clinical Psychology. The training provided in this program prepares students to function as scientist-practitioners with experiences in research, teaching and clinical practice in psychology. For further information about the program and information about how to apply, please visit

The TDL provides exceptional research training and opportunities to graduate students. In addition to participating in ongoing research projects, graduate students will be given the opportunity to design and execute their own studies, both for their milestone requirements (i.e., thesis, dissertation), as well as additional projects, if desired. Graduate students will also have access to pre-existing data for secondary analysis opportunities. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the dissemination of their findings, including publishing research results in refereed journals and presenting their research at local and national conferences. Graduate students within the TDL will also help to mentor undergraduate students in the lab in order to provide both students with an additional valuable professional development experience.  

Dr. Paul is dedicated to creating and maintaining rich, supportive mentoring relationships with the students in her lab. She meets weekly with her graduate students, and on a regular basis with undergraduate students. These meetings are designed to facilitate students’ progress on research projects and professional development within the field more broadly.  The TDL lab also meets weekly as a group to discuss ongoing research projects, develop and design new studies, and discuss issues related to psychology (e.g., journal club, screening related media). Dr. Paul also maintains an open door policy in order to provide further assistance and support beyond these regular meetings.

In order to learn more about the opportunities available for graduate students within the TDL, please contact Dr. Paul at You may also contact any of the graduate students currently working in the TDL through their contact information on the Lab Members page, or by emailing