Lab Members

Sapir Sasson, Second Year

B.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011 Sasson CV January 2014 Sapir Picture


Research Interests: I am interested in predictors of trauma disclosure and other help-seeking behaviors, especially the reporting of sexual assaults to police. I am also interested in correlates of victim-blaming and rape myth acceptance; my long-term goal is to develop an intervention that will help reduce the prevalence of victim-blaming and increase supportive responses towards victims.  

Clinical Interests: Working with adolescents and young adults in the fields of trauma and eating disorders.

Thesis Title: Blaming the Victim: The Role of Assault Characteristics and Victim Attractiveness (proposed May 2013)

Jennifer Milliken, First Year

B.A. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011  Milliken CVJennifer Picture


Research Interests: I am interested in exploring the characteristics
and experiences of sexual assault victims in relation to trauma
disclosure and re-victimization. I am also interested in exploring
non-conventional coping mechanisms following trauma exposure. My long-term goal is to increase awareness of sexual assault and develop an intervention that will reduce the prevalence of re-victimization.

Clinical Interests: PTSD; especially related to sexual trauma.