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Campus Safety


We know you're concerned about your safety while being away from home. And your parents worry about you when you are on your own. But you can rest assured that we're committed to maintaining a safe and healthy campus for our students. From late night transportation services to self-defense classes, your safety is our focus.

Our campus and the surrounding area is patrolled 24/7 by the NIU Police Department, consisting of over 50 officers who have advanced law enforcement and medical training. If you are visiting campus for a day or staying for four years, we invite you to stop into the Department of Police and Public Safety to meet our officers and find out how we are keeping you safe.

Stay Safe

Learn how to protect yourself from crime on and off campus.

Use Our Safety Services

From transportation to safety classes, take advantage of the programs we have to protect your safety.

Read Our FAQs

Get your questions answered about how NIU manages campus safety.

Report Your Concerns

Report areas on campus that need attentions.

Meet Our Police Officers

Get to know a few members of our highly trained campus police force.

Emergency Information

Subscribe to campus safety bulletins and find emergency information.

Emergency Response Guide

Find quick info and recommended responses to a variety of potential emergencies.

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