We asked. You responded!!!

In Spring 2013, we asked the Northern Illinois University community--Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff & Friends--to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LGBT Resource Center, in part, by submitting to a photo project. You have responded by sharing some wonderful photos. We are proud to let you know that we have put those photos to a good use, as seen in the pictures above. The result is a display of three large panels that have been part of several April and May events sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center. They have gathered quite a bit of attention, and now reside prominently in the Center! So we take pride in thanking you, the community, for your wonderful support over the years. We look forward to celebrating with you and to your support in many years ahead.

Since opening our doors in Spring 2013, The LGBT RC has become a safe space for all NIU students to find a sense of community. We continue to make an impact on educating the NIU campus on LGBT topics. If you want to know more visit us at Women's Resource Center Building or contact us at lgbt@niu.edu.

If you are an Alum, please help us keep in touch with you by being part of our Alumni Network.


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