Attorney Referral

The Attorney Referral list that follows is provided as a service to students and other members of the Northern Illinois University and DeKalb County communities. This list is organized by legal category and alphabetically. The list does not represent and should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of any of the attorneys by Northern Illinois University, the Northern Illinois University Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, or Northern Illinois University Students' Legal Assistance, or its students, employees, or faculty.

Please note also that the list does not include all the attorneys who practice in DeKalb and/or surrounding counties, or all the attorneys who are licensed to so practice. A hard copy of the list is available at Students' Legal Assistance, Campus Life Building 120, Northern Illinois University. The list was compiled in July, 2006.

Please click on the category to access attorneys practicing by legal category.


Consumer Law


Criminal & Ordinance/Traffic

Driver's License Reinstatements


Estate Planning/Wills

Family Law

Immigration and Naturalization

Juvenile Law

Landlord/Tenant Law


Medical Malpractice

Real Estate