students outside Swen Parson Hall


We strive to have the College of Law mirror the ethnic, cultural and gender diversity of our global world. The College of Law is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all members of society.  

The diversity of our student population is further reflected in our faculty. We pride ourselves in having one of the most diverse law faculties in the nation. Since 2003, The Princeton Review has included NIU College of Law among its annual list of the top ten law schools that have the most diverse faculty.

Gender & Ethnicity

The NIU College of Law attracts a gender mix that reflects balance between males and females in today's society. Here are admission statistics from the entering Class of 2009:

  • Out of the 1,169 applications received, 37% were from females and 63% were from males.
  • Out of the 108 individuals who matriculated in the entering class, 42% were females and 58% were males. 
  • Out of the 108 individuals who matriculated in the entering class, 27% were minorities. Of the minorities, 27% are African American/Black, 40% are Latino/a, and 30% are Asian.  


NIU College of Law attracts students from a wide range of ages with a vast pool of experiences to share with one another.  Our law school has students who have recently graduated and some whose children are graduating from college.  We have husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters attending.  We have people who are going for their first career and many who are changing, enhancing, or going for their second career.   This diversity of age, ranging from the early 20's to the late 50's, makes for an enriching educational environment.  For the entering Class of 2009 the average age is 25.