2L Mock Trial Competition

The 2L Mock Trial Competition gives students their first opportunity to present a case in a courtroom. The emphasis of the competition is on putting facts together to make a persuasive case to a jury.  Nearly half the student body participate in this event each year with 2L's competing as trial attorneys, 3L's as presiding judges, and 1L's as jurors.  The competition is an introduction to the real-life trial practice that many of our students will experience as state's attorneys, public defenders, etc. 

The 2014 2L Mock Trial finalists.

Above (from left): 2014 2L Mock Trial finalists Kaitlin Hargate & Andrea DeVinney, and 2014 2L Mock Trial champions Brian Cunningham & Nick Atwood.

2014 Competition Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 2L Mock Trial Competition Champions: Brian Cunningham & Nick Atwood!

CONGRATULATIONS also to the Finalists: Andrea DeVinney & Kaitlin Hargate! And to the Semi-finalists: Jeffrey Reed & Whitney Wilkerson and Emma Boyer & Megan Norgart!

THANK YOU to all who volunteered to be Jurors and Judges - we couldn't have done it without you.

THANK YOU also to all the competitors - it was a great competition, and you all did well.

Past MTC Results:

  • 2013 - Champions:  Jesse Guth & Nicholas Perrone  
             Runners-up:  Kevin Borozan & Niklas Lofgren
  • 2012 - Champions:  Kelvin Kakazu & Matt Nagy  
             Runners-up:  Ryan Piechocinski & Sarmistha Banerjee
  • 2011 - Champions: Kristin Good & Bill Wojnarowski
             Runners-up: Valerie Goode & Sarah Adamski
  • 2010 - Champions: Brad Stewart & Kathryn Williams 
               Runners-up: Gerry Connor & Gabe Zunino
  • 2009 - Champions: Rory Patchin & Carrie Thompson
               Runners-up: Sergio De Stefanis & April Stancliff
  • 2008 - Champions: Bianca Camargo & Nenya Harris
               Runners-up: Beth Farmer & Kara Principe
  • 2007 - Champions: Heather Garay & Taylor Polachek
               Runners-up: Lindsay Hatzis & Desiree Matel-Anderson
  • 2006 - Champions: Kurtis Szymanski & Robert Zalud
               Runners-up: Sheila Amiry & Lauren Dwyer