1L Closing Argument Competition

The 1L Closing Argument Competition provides first-year students an opportunity to apply the facts of a case to the jury instructions and deliver a closing argument to a jury. It is intended as the first step for students who want to learn trial skills. Many will further develop their skills in the 2L Mock Trial Competition and later compete in external trial competitions, such as the National Trial Advocacy Competition and the American Association of Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition.

CAC Results:

  • 2012 - Champions: Ryan Piechocinski (Best Prosecution) & Robin Babcox-Poole (Best Defense)
               Runners-up: Christina DiBrita (Prosecution) & Matthew Earl (Defense)


First year students participating in the Closing Argument Competition.First year students participating in the Closing Argument Competition.

Finalists from the 2nd Annual 1L Closing Argument Competition.  Pictured at left are (from left to right:)
Runner-up Christina DiBrita, Champion Ryan Piechocinski, Champion Robin Babcox-Poole,
and Runner-up Matthew Earl.  Piechocinski and Babcox-Poole are pictured at right.

Past CAC Results:

  • 2011 - Champions: Kristin Good (Best Defense) & Michael Myers (Best Prosecution) 
               Runners-up: Glen Klinger (Prosecution) & Anne McClean (Defense)