Federalist Society

The Federalist Society at Northern Illinois University College of Law (“Fed Soc”) is an organization of libertarian and conservative students, recognized by The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, a national organization. Fed Soc exists to initiate and promote intelligent debate and discussion of legal policy as an active and visible voice at the law school and beyond. Fed Soc is dedicated to the principles that: the State exists to preserve the natural law of human freedom; the separation of governmental powers (both between the three branches and between the various levels: federal, state, county, municipal) is central to the healthy functioning of the United States Constitution; that the duty of the federal and state judiciaries is to say what the law is, not what it "should" be. Any and all threats to these principles must be vigorously and enthusiastically resisted through the means of active citizenship, appropriate and intelligent debate, integrity of leadership, and cheerfulness and generosity of tone and spirit. The primary means to promote the Fed Soc mission is best illustrated by debates featuring legal scholars from across the United States. Reasonable minds may differ.

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2014-2015 Executive Board and Cabinet

Executive Board--

President: Sarah Walsh (3L) - sarahwalsh1205@gmail.com

Vice President: Daniel Mark (2L) dmark1224@gmail.com

Secretary: Alicia Ayala (2L) - ayalaalc@aol.com 

Treasurer: Justin Hamilton (1L) - HamiltonEOD@gmail.com


3L Advisor: Sam Perkinsperkins82182@gmail.com

2L Advisor: Todd McPencow - toddmc72@yahoo.com

Senior Policy Analyst: Austin Moore (1L) - amooresiue@gmail.com

Policy Analyst: Dan Knudsen (2L) - scratchknudsen@gmail.com 

Law School-University Liaison - Chelsey Selvey (1L) - chelsea.selvey@gmail.com

Undergraduate Representative: Sammi Almasri - sammi.almasri@yahoo.com 

Faculty Advisor:
Professor Mitch Pickerill
(815) 753-1011