Delta Theta Phi (Delta)

Delta Theta Phi is a professional law fraternity that provides its members with academic support, social activities, and participates in various community projects. Because of the willingness of Delta members to help first year students, Delta can provide the type of support that helps attain academic excellence. Toward that end, Delta offers study sessions conducted by second and third year students that have excelled in a particular subject area. Delta Theta Phi also maintains an extensive library of course outlines and commercially published study guides that are available for use by Delta members. Delta also sponsors guest lectures and workshops on various topics in the law.

2013-2014 Officers

President: Clayton Merschbrock - 

Vice-President: Helen Mellas - 

Secretary: Sarah Congdon - 

Treasurer: Mitchel Johnston - 

Social Chair: JD VanRheeden - 

Networking and Professional Development Chair: Sean Trausch - 

Philanthropy Chair: Logan Block - 

Academic Chair (Section 1): Jesse Guth -

Academic Chair (Section 2): Lauren Homan - 

Merchandising Manager: Brian Burkhardt -