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Law Library users have access to a variety of resources from the computers within the library or (in some cases) from elsewhere on campus or off-campus.

  • If you are off-campus, you can log in via EZProxy to selected Law Library databases (See below for which databases require EZProxy.)
  • For assistance with all online resources please contact the Law Library at (815) 753-0519 or ask at the Reference Desk.

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Legal databases:

The databases listed below are restricted to the faculty, students and staff of the College of Law. 

  • Bloomberg Law - professional legal research database
         Off-campus access:
    Use login & password used on-campus
  • Fastcase - professional legal research database
         Off-campus access: currently on-campus only; off-campus access will be available later in Spring 2014 semester
  • LexisNexis - professional legal research database
         Off-campus access: Use login & password used on-campus
  • VersusLaw - archived and current opinions from state & federal courts, including selected tribal and foreign courts
         Off-campus access: Use login & password used on-campus 
  • Westlaw - professional legal research database
         Off-campus access: Use login & password used on-campus
  • IICLE - (Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education)  online handbooks, quick guides, & legal forms relevant to Illinois practice.
         Off-campus access: restricted to faculty & staff of the College of Law; contact a librarian for details.

If you are not affiliated with the College of Law you may wish to try the starred [*] databases listed below and further down this page. They offer similar content to the restricted databases.

  • LexisNexis Academic [*] (formerly Academic Universe) - contains many of the legal resources found in LexisNexis, including American case law and statutes. (help & tutorials)
          Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • Westlaw - Public Access version [*]- a.k.a. Westpack. Includes cases, statutes and legal periodicals.
         Off-campus access: none; available only at selected workstations in the Law Library and Founders Library; contact a librarian for login information.

Legal journals & law reviews:

  • HeinOnline - full-text legal periodical articles in .pdf  format (more information)
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • Law Review Commons - Open access collection of law reviews featuring both current content and archived issues.
         Off-campus access: Internet, available to anyone
  • LegalTrac [*]- comprehensive legal periodicals index including some full text (more information)
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • To search for non-law or specific journal titles to see if they are available in print or online at all NIU libraries, see Does the Library have this journal?

Other law-related databases:

  • Aspen treatises - topics include business, construction law, elder law, employment discrimination, many more (more information)
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • Bar Exam Resources - lists materials available in the Law Library and links to additional information available online
  • BNA Databases - service covering a wide range of legal, legislative, regulatory, and economic topics (more information)
         Off-campus access: restricted to faculty, students & staff of the College of Law; contact a librarian for details.
  • CALI - over 300 computer-based tutorials in over 29 different legal subjects.
         Off-campus access: restricted to faculty, students & staff of the College of Law; contact a librarian for details.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online: Legal Documents - full text of books, pamphlets, and other documents printed in Great Britain and North America 1701-1800 tracing the development of law in the British Empire, Europe, and the Americas. Topics include acts, criminal and international law, appellants' cases, and more. IMPORTANT: the initial screen of this database implies patrons have access to the entire 18th Century Collections Online database. This is incorrect. The only content to which NIU patrons have access is the law materials.
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • Foreign Law Guide - Approximately 190 jurisdictions are systemically covered and updated by a global team of experts, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations and selected references to secondary sources.
         Off-campus access: EZProxy  
  • HeinOnline - court reports, federal and state statutes, federal administrative regulations, presidential documents, classic legal treatises, and more (more information)
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • IntelliConnect (CCH & Wolters-Kluwer) - provides full-text access to over 80 titles in the areas of antitrust law, banking, international business, and other topics. (more information)
          Off-campus access:  restricted to faculty, students & staff of the College of Law; contact a librarian for details.
  • Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926 - full text documents of trial transcripts, popular printed accounts, briefs, arguments, and other documents related to over 300 years of notable Anglo-American trials and crimes such as those involving Dred Scott, Susan B. Anthony, Oscar Wilde, the Boston Massacre, the Bounty mutineers, the Salem witchcraft trials, and many more.
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law - a comprehensive online resource containing peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. Published in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, it is written and edited by scholars and practitioners and updated throughout the year.
         Off-campus access: none
  • National Consumer Law Center -online supplementary materials to titles in their print "Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series." Materials include the appendices to each of the titles in the series plus hundreds of other documents in Microsoft Word and Acrobat (.pdf) formats, including statutes, regulations, agency interpretations, forms, pleadings, handbooks, reports and more.
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • PACER - electronic system for accessing federal case records. If you are a law student, faculty or staff please speak with a law librarian to obtain documents on PACER. Members of the public may also access PACER; registration and fee information is available from the PACER web page at
  • ProQuest Congressional [*]- committee reports and other publications of the U.S. Congress. NOTE: the Law Library's license only allows access to content beginning with the 91st Congress in 1969. For access to content extending back to the 1st Congress in 1789, access ProQuest Congressional on site at Founders Library.
         Off-campus access: EZProxy
  • RIA Checkpoint - state and federal tax laws, cases, regulations, legislation and related resources
         Off-campus access: restricted to faculty, students & staff of the College of Law; contact a librarian for details.

Scholarly databases & article submission services:

  • ExpressO - online service which assists students and faculty with submitting articles to law reviews. ExpressO validates users based domain name and/or authorized e-mail address, so when creating an ExpressO account you must use your NIU email address to gain access to the institutional account.See and for information about using ExpressO.
         Off-campus access: user login and password
  • Scholastica - online service which assists students and faculty with submitting articles to scholarly journals, including some law reviews.
         Off-campus access: user login and password
  • SSRN Legal Scholarship Network - abstracts and some full text of working papers and articles accepted for publication in a variety of law-related topics (more information)
         Off-campus access: user login and password

General (non-law) resources & databases:

Online catalogs:

  • NIU Catalog - searches all NIU libraries using a "Google-like" interface called Vu-Find. See the Help/FAQ page for information about setting up a Vu-Find account.
         Alternative interfaces: 'Classic' catalog  
         Off-campus access: available to anyone
  • I-Share Catalog - searches the holdings of over 70 academic & specialized libraries in Illinois
         Off-campus access: available to anyone
  • WorldCat (part of FirstSearch) - searches library collections worldwide
         Off-campus access: EZProxy