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Selected links on legal research from the LexisNexis Academic Product Wiki:

  • Get a case:  How to look up federal and state cases. Includes video.
  • Legal Research: How to find U.S. Supreme Court materials, federal & state codes and regulations, and legal reference works within LexisNexis Academic.
  • Citation Formats: Used by LexisNexis Academic when searching for documents by legal citation. Includes formats for case law, law reviews & journals, U.S. statutes, codes & regulations, and state registers & administrative codes.
  • Landmark Cases: How to access the list of landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, and what to do if the case you are looking for is not on the list.
  • Shepardizing: How to use the Shepard's Citations Service to determine if a case is still "good law." (Note: only case law can be Shepardized in LexisNexis Academic, not statutes, agency opinions, or other legal documents.)
  • Research Help: Tips on searching for consumer law, administrative law, education law, etc.