Using social networking sites as current awareness tools

Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be valuable sources of current awareness information -- announcements, events, newsletters, blog posts, and the like from companies, bar associations, other law firms, organizations, and individuals.

There is a great deal of information on  the Web and in print about using Facebook and LinkedIn, but the resources below provide a few tips on using them as a way to gather news and information.



Note: Many Facebook pages, especially for groups or organizations, can be viewed on the Web without having to log in to a Facebook account (as long as the page owners have set their up their page's permissions to allow this).

  • Many ABA sections and their committees have a Facebook presence and regularly send out news and announcements. (Tip: search Google for "aba section" to bring up a list.)
  • Other groups of lawyers and bar & professional associations also have Facebook pages, as do products and services marketing to lawyers & law firms.
  • Law schools with Facebook pages often announce CLE events and other news of interest.
  • JD Supra provides links to their topic-specific Facebook page updates at


  • Some ABA sections and other bar and professional associations have set up LinkedIn groups; many companies have set up company profiles you can follow through LinkedIn's "Company Follow" feature.
  • As of 9/29/2010, LinkedIn announced the limited beta release of LinkedIn Signal, intended to give LinkedIn members "a whole new way to consume information and news that’s most relevant to you as a professional." 
  • JD Supra offers a free Linked-In app., "Legal Updates on LinkedIn" which allows the display of customizable legal news directly on your LinkedIn homepage. An article on the LinkedIn blog provides further details.
  • JD Supra's article LinkedIn Homepage as Intelligence Agent - 3 Tips offers ways to use your LinkedIn account as a way to gather business intelligence and other information.