Lawrence SchlamLawrence Schlam
Professor of Law

B.B.A., City College of New York
J.D., New York University

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Lawrence Schlam's primary teaching interests were in the fields of constitutional law, child law, criminal law, legislation, and civil rights litigation. He chaired the Illinois State Bar Association Section Council on Individual Rights and Responsibilities from 1979 to 1981 and, while in private practice, was involved in criminal and juvenile law, media and entertainment law, and litigated several federal civil rights matters concerning police misconduct, sex discrimination, education, and wrongful discharge of public employees. Schlam was also supervising attorney or counsel to several law reform and legal aid programs. He was an adjunct instructor at DePaul University School of Law and, at Northwestern University School of Law, he was staff counsel to the National Institute for Education in Law and Poverty. Schlam's scholarship interests involved state and federal constitutional law and child law. His book, The Bill of Rights: Fundamental Freedom, was published in 1981, and, more recently, he served as General Editor of the Illinois Juvenile Court Bench Book (Vol. I: 2005, 2007; Vol. II: 2006, 2008), and General Editor and Chapter Author of Illinois Juvenile Law and Practice (2007).  Schlam was appointed a member of the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission and the ISBA Child Law Section Council in 2013.  

Professor Schlam passed away on March 7, 2015.

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Book or Book Chapters

  • Schlam, Lawrence (Professor/Reporter), Illinois Juvenile Court Bench Book (Vol. I (Delinquency and Status Offenses) (pub: Illinois Supreme Court, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013) and Vol. II (Neglect, Dependency and Termination) (pub: Illinois Supreme Court, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013).
  • Schlam, Lawrence, “Termination of Parental Rights” (Chapter 11), Illinois Juvenile Law and Practice (IICLE 2007, 2013) (Lawrence Schlam, General Editor).
  • Schlam, Lawrence,  Illinois Juvenile Law and Practice (IICLE 2010 Supplement) (Lawrence Schlam, General Editor); Author: “Termination of Parental Rights” (Chapter 11S) and “Waiver and Transfer Hearings” (Chapter 3S).
  • Schlam, Lawrence, The Bill of Rights:  Fundamental Freedom (Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, 1981) (booklet/pamphlet discussing fundamental principles in the first Ten Amendments, with footnotes) (86 pgs.)


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  • Police Intimidation Through 'Surveillance' Declared Unconstitutional Parts I and II, 3 Clearinghouse Rev. 130 (1970).

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Areas of Expertise:

Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Civil Rights Litigaton, Legislation, State Constitutional Law