Growing to Endowed Funds

Endowed funds need an initial contribution of $25,000 before they can begin providing funding for a scholarship or other university need. Donors can begin investing towards the initial $25,000 principal by beginning a "growing to endowed" fund. Such a fund can be established for as little as $3000 to $5000. To establish a fund, donors need to sign an intent to fund agreement which indicates the endowments purpose and a schedule of intended payments towards the $25,000 goal.

The Rudolphe de Seife Fund

The NIU College of Law is committed to the memory of Rudolphe de Seife and his wish to enrich the educational experience of law students.

A member of the original NIU College of Law faculty, Rudolphe J.A. de Seife taught antitrust, administrative, commercial, comparative, international, corporate and business law, as well as alternative dispute resolution. He was a visiting professor at Howard University School of Law and was a Fulbright Professor of Law with the National Institute of Juridical Studies in Rabat, Morocco.

Professor de Seife was appreciated in the College of Law as an innovator who sought to push learning beyond the bounds of the classroom. Fluent in several languages, de Seife was also nationally recognized as a scholar in the fields of alternative dispute resolution and international law. This intellectual breadth, combined with his resolve that law students appreciate the impact of international legal issues and problems, motivated him to found NIU's comparative and international law summer program in Agen, France.

The Rudolphe de Seife Fund has been established to continue NIU's International and Comparative Law Program in Agen, France. The College of Law's ultimate goal is to create an endowment to sustain the Agen International Program in perpetuity. The annual income from the endowed fund will be used to attract a leader in international law to lecture in the summer program.