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NIU College of Law Student Handbook

NIU Law students in the Thurgood Marshall gallery of Swen Parson Hall.

The purpose of the College of Law Student Handbook is two-fold: to inform you about the important policies and procedures of the law school and to provide you with reference information and answers to the most commonly asked questions posed by new and returning students as they progress through law school. 

Students are presumed to know and understand all of the law school’s policies and procedures included in the Handbook and as modified throughout the school year. The policies and procedures are subject to change at any time and any changes will be emailed to students and posted on this page.

In rare instances there are special circumstances that might require a waiver of a requirement or a general school policy. Students should speak with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs about such a circumstance and although it is unusual for such a waiver to be granted, it may be allowed. 

To seek a waiver of any rule, policy, or procedure in the Handbook or any other official college or university document, a student should submit a written petition to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for a decision according to regular and established policies of the College of Law. If the petition deals with a subject that is not within the associate dean’s jurisdiction, the associate dean will refer the petition to the appropriate official, committee, or body for action. Students wishing to appeal a decision of the associate dean with respect to such a petition may submit a written appeal to the Office of the Dean.

College of Law Student Handbook (PDF)

January 2018 Amendments to Student Handbook (PDF)

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