Students working at Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic.

Juvenile Justice Clinic

Students' Experiences

Students in the Juvenile Justice Clinic will handle a variety of criminal legal matters and school disciplinary proceedings on behalf of juveniles of Winnebago County, Illinois.

In the Juvenile Clinic, students will develop and gain:

  • Transactional experience by drafting pretrial motions and memorandums of law, sentencing memorandums, and other trial related documents; 
  • Litigation and negotiation experience representing juveniles in contested delinquency proceedings and school disciplinary proceedings; 
  • Knowledge and practice of substantive law and procedure in delinquency cases and school disciplinary proceedings; 
  • Analytical and problem-solving experience; 
  • Interviewing and client counseling skills; 
  • Factual investigation and trial or hearing preparation experience; 
  • Legal writing and oral advocacy experience; 
  • Communication and collaboration abilities; 
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness; and 
  • Professional responsibility and professionalism experience.