Criminal Defense Clinic

Orientation, Seminar, and Clients' Casework

Time Commitment

Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic are required to complete the following:

Clinic Orientation

  • An 8 hour orientation on the first Saturday of the Semester;

Clinic Seminar

  • A 1 hour and 50 minute seminar class each week typically scheduled late afternoon or early evening on Thursdays; 
  • All required readings and assignments related to the clinic seminar;

Clinic Casework on Behalf of Clients

  • A minimum of 12 total hours each week working directly with clients and their cases which includes the following: 
    • A minimum of 8 hours each week at the Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic located in Rockford, Illinois scheduled on any day of the week except Thursday afternoon; 
    • A minimum of 4 hours each week to be completed from any location; 
    • A minimum of 1 meeting per week with Clinical Professor discussing cases; and 
    • All additional hours necessary to meet the legal needs of assigned clients.