A client meeting at Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic.

Juvenile Justice Clinic

Our Clients and Cases

The goal of the Juvenile Justice Clinic is to provide holistic services to juveniles accused of crimes and, if applicable, who have school disciplinary proceedings such as suspension or expulsion hearings as a result of the criminal charges.  

The Juvenile Justice Clinic will represent juveniles in juvenile delinquency court who are accused of crimes which may include

  • minor drug charges 
  • retail theft 
  • battery 
  • trespass 
  • DUI 
  • criminal damaging 
  • resisting arrest 
  • menacing 
  • other charges.

We will represent students at all stages of the juvenile court process including

  • detention/probable cause hearings 
  • arraignment/plea hearings 
  • pre-trial motion hearings 
  • adjudication/trial hearings 
  • disposition/sentencing hearings 
  • post-disposition hearings.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic will represent juveniles subject to out-of-school suspension or expulsion disciplinary proceedings. We will represent students at

  • “initial appeal” hearings before the school principal or other school administrators 
  • “appeal” hearings before school principals 
  • appeals to the Board of Education before the Board’s Hearing Officer.