Clinic Highlight

New Civil Justice and Juvenile Justice Clinics

July 1, 2012

DeKalb, Ill. - This year, second and third year students will have the opportunity to participate in two new clinics at the College of Law: the Civil Justice Clinic and the Juvenile Justice Clinic.

Students participated in the Civil Justice Clinic for the first time during the Summer 2012 term. The Civil Justice Clinic handles a variety of civil legal matters on behalf of vulnerable residents of Winnebago County, Illinois. The Civil Justice Clinic prioritizes the needs of low-income senior citizens and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

The goal of the Civil Justice Clinic is to provide holistic services to the clinic’s clients, including providing representation to clients in other related civil matters and referring clients to appropriate services and resources in the community. In the Civil Justice Clinic, students gain transactional experience by drafting estate planning documents – such as wills and powers of attorney. Students gain litigation experience by representing clients in civil matters involving orders of protection, domestic violence related family law, small claims, and probate issues.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic will have its first class of students beginning in the Fall 2012 semester. Students in the Juvenile Justice Clinic will represent juveniles charged with delinquency offenses in juvenile court. Students will also represent juveniles facing school disciplinary proceedings such as suspensions and expulsions as a result of the juvenile charge and/or advocate for other school alternatives to suspension or expulsion. Students may also advocate for systemic change.

Students in both the Civil Justice and Juvenile Justice Clinics will serve the needs of a diverse population of clients and will be exposed to the multiple issues and challenges faced by their clients, many of whom live in poverty. Students will develop cultural sensitivity and awareness, as well as empathy and professionalism.