Representation by Certified Senior Law Students

The Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic is an educational legal clinic of Northern Illinois University College of Law.

The mission of the Clinical Program at Northern Illinois University’s College of Law is to:

  • Provide law students with opportunities to learn the practice of law under the direct supervision of an experienced Illinois licensed attorney, and 
  • Provide members of the community who would otherwise be unable to hire private counsel with high quality legal representation at no cost.

Most of the legal services provided by the Clinic are performed by students of Northern Illinois University College of Law who have been licensed by the Supreme Court of Illinois pursuant to Rule 711 to practice law as Senior Law Students. Senior Law Students work under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney. Clients of the Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic must:

  • Consent to representation by one or more Senior Law Students; 
  • Consent to allowing the Senior Law Student to counsel the client, negotiate settlement of claims, and prepare and draft legal instruments; 
  • Consent that the Senior Law Student will appear on the client’s behalf in trial court to conduct pretrial, trial or post-trial proceedings; 
  • Consent that the Senior Law Student will prepare briefs, excerpts from the record, abstracts, and other documents to be filed in the courts of review of Illinois; and 
  • Consent that the representation to be provided by the Senior Law Student pursuant to this agreement may be provided without the assigned supervising attorney being present.