Students working at Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic.

Community Information

Applying for Representation


The Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic represents residents of Winnebago County in the Winnebago County Courthouse who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. The Clinic’s clients are persons of limited means who generally have income of less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Types of Issues Handled

The Clinic prioritizes the following matters:

  • Representation of survivors of abuse in domestic violence orders of protection, stalking no contact orders, and civil no contact orders and in other related civil matters; 
  • Representation of senior citizens over the age of 60 in a variety of civil matters, including but not limited to matters related to elder abuse, drafting of estate planning documents, guardianships, probate matters, and debt collection defense; and 
  • Representation of juveniles charged with juvenile delinquency and related school discipline and /or special education hearings related to the juvenile offense.

Application Process

To apply for representation, please call our Clinic at (815) 962-9980.

We will speak with you briefly over the telephone to determine whether or not we will be able to schedule an appointment with you.

If you are scheduled for an appointment, you will meet with a Clinic attorney or Senior Law Student licensed by the Illinois Supreme Court pursuant to Rule 711 for an intake interview.

Our Clinic meets approximately once each week to review the applications received during the week and to decide which cases will be accepted. The Clinic will notify you within approximately one week whether or not the Clinic can represent you in your legal matter.