Students working at Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic.

Clinical Program

Current Clinical Opportunities

Eligible second and third year students may participate in the following clinics:

Clinics at NIU College of Law provide students with opportunities to:

  • Represent clients who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney; 
  • Act as lead counsel in each case under the supervision of clinical faculty; 
  • Apply analytical and problem solving skills in the context of addressing clients’ needs; 
  • Learn substantive law and procedure as applied to clients’ cases; 
  • Practice client-centered lawyering through holistic representation of individual clients; 
  • Engage in self-reflection and discussion regarding participation in the legal system; 
  • Apply concepts of professional responsibility and develop professionalism; 
  • Enhance communication and collaboration abilities; 
  • Develop cultural sensitivity and awareness; and 
  • Hone legal practice skills.