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Clinic Courses

Clinic participants, Fall 2008

Various clinical experiences are offered each semester. Students represent clients under the direction of well-qualified supervising attorneys. The clinical courses each have a classroom component in addition to the practice experience. They are taught by members of the College of Law faculty in conjunction with the supervising attorneys. These classes bring the academic and practical worlds together, addressing a range of issues students experience in their cases, from honing legal skills, to exploring issues of substantive law and procedure, to considering real-world issues of professional responsibility and ethics.

The Clinical opportunities taught at the College of Law in recent years include:

  • Domestic Abuse Clinic - Students represent persons who have been victims of domestic abuse by obtaining orders of protection and other related civil relief. Students work in both the Kane County offices of Prairie State Legal Services, the area’s provider of legal services to indigent persons and senior citizens, and in the Zeke Giorgi Legal Clinic in Rockford. Student representation extends from the initial client interview, to developing a plan for resolving the client’s situation, to representing clients in court proceedings.
  • Elder Law Clinic - Students learn about elder law theory and apply it to practice settings that involve both the planning aspects and dispute resolution aspects of advocacy. In the planning aspect, students draft advance planning documents, such as simple wills, powers of attorney and living wills. The dispute resolution aspect is varied, and has included consumer fraud, family law and elder abuse, both financial and physical.
  • Mediation Clinic - Students apply mediation concepts and theory to practice settings, as they are afforded the opportunity to serve as mediators in a variety of disputes, including family and housing matters and pro se small claims cases.

An application for the Clinical courses will be made available with the registration materials. The Clinical Courses Prerequisites are as follows: