Professor Tan Participates in Panel Discussion on Military Drones

On Monday, March 18th in the Francis X. Riley Courtroom, the NIU College of Law hosted a panel discussion on the implications of drone usage in military combat.  The panel featured Dawood Ahmed, Esq. of the University of Chicago, poet Ric Amesquita, Dr. Joy First of the Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, NIU senior sociology major and United States veteran John Hohnstadt, Howard Solomon of the City Colleges of Chicago Center for Distance Learning, and NIU Law Professor Morse Tan.  The discussion featured presentations by each panelist outlining various aspects of the debate regarding the viability of military drones.  The technological advances and enhanced combat efficiency made possible by drones was defended on the one hand, while the potential for dehumanization, immorality, and legal complication involved with drone usage was assserted on the other.  

Professor Tan presented thoughts based on international and constitutional law, both in his presentation as well as in the Q&A session that followed the panel's remarks. He offered insights and reasoning pertinent to both sides of the debate.

Further details on the panel can be found in the online edtiion of the Northern Star.


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