Class Registration Procedures, Summer 2013

Please Honor These Registration Dates & Times

  • All students may register on MyNIU beginning in April.

Registration Procedures

1. Log on to MyNIU using your Z-ID and password. A link to MyNIU may be found on the Law School's "Current Students" web page and the main NIU home page.

Important: Check your "Service Indicator/Encumbrance" for any holds on your account before attempting to register. Any holds on your account will prevent you from registering. If there is a hold on your account, you must contact the appropriate department.

2. Click "Self-Service" then "Student Center" to find the following useful information:

  • Search for classes (right menu, near the top)
  • View holds that may prevent you from registering (right menu, near the top)
  • View financial aid missing information requests in the "To Do List" (right menu, near the top)
  • View financial aid awards (center panel, near the middle)
  • Accept/decline financial aid awards (center panel, near the middle)
  • View/update personal information such as your address or privacy (FERPA) setting (center panel, near the bottom)

3. The most efficient way to register is to create a Wish List in anticipation of the official registration date. On the official registration date, log into MyNIU and register with just one-click.

4. In the Student Center, click on "Wish List" and then use the class number codes to add your preferred classes to your Wish List.

More Important Information

  • Billing Notices. NIU will no longer mail paper statements. Students will be notified by e-mail when their account information is available to view via MyNIU.
  • Attendance Policy.  Regular and punctual attendance is required in all classes.  Faculty may impose sanctions including, but not limited to, grade reductions or dismissal from the course, for those who fail to comply with the policy, provided notice of possible sanctions are given to students at the beginning of the semester.  Faculty shall implement a system appropriate for the enforcement of this policy.
  • Credit Hours.  You may not sign up for more than 7 hours of classes during the summer session.
  • Externships.  May through July 2013 (or as agreed by instructor). Externship
    placements will be for 20 hours per week for eight weeks. All externships will be 3.0 credit
    hours. To register for an externship, you must see the faculty member responsible for the externship to get permission to enroll.  If a satisfactory placement can be worked out and permission is granted, the faculty member will request the College Office of Budget and Records to enroll you in the externship.
  • Clinic Courses.   Dates to be announced.  Clinic courses will meet for seven weeks.  The Civil Justice Clinic will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5:00 p.m.  The Juvenile Justice Clinic will meet on either Monday and Wednesday from 3:15-5:00 p.m. or Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-5:00 p.m. depending on student availability.  To register for a clinic course you must visit the Clinical Program Student Application Process page and follow the instructions for Summer 2013.
  • Adding/Dropping Classes.  Check with the Office of Budget and Records for the dates during which classes may be added or dropped.  After the end of the drop period, the approval of the instructor is required to withdraw from a class and a "withdrawal"  will be recorded on your transcript.