Pavielle D'Weese Walker

Pavielle D'Weese Walker

About Pavielle: I will be graduating from the NIU College of Law in December 2011. After that, I will be marrying my fiancé, Cedrick Dortch, in January, and I will be taking the bar exam in February. I am excited about moving to Georgia, and I hope to find work in the public interest law sector. I enjoy traveling and making flowers or jewelry out of beads.

What activities are you involved in? I am a member of several organizations on campus. Within the law school, I am the former vice-president of BLSA, where I enjoyed engaging in events that would bring members of the law school together for good causes. Last year, I truly enjoyed being a part of blessing families at Safe Passage. Also, last year I was the secretary of PILS, where I had a blast making baskets and decorating for the annual auction. I have participated in the “Be the Change Day” with APALSA, helping to celebrate the works and memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Outside of the law school, I am a member of Graduate Student Research Association (GSRA). The GSRA is an organization that strives to provide a forum for graduate students to showcase their research work.

What do you like most about being at NIU Law? What I like about being at NIU Law is the small-town feel. Because I grew up in a community where everyone knew everyone, I feel at home here. The interactions I have had with my professors have been fruitful, and they have encouraged me when I have felt like giving up. The kind-heartedness of the people I have met and consider to be friends makes it a bit hard to leave in December.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2011.

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