Darrick Harris

Darrick Harris

About Darrick: I was born and raised in Crete, Illinois, by a single mother and a wonderful supportive extended family. I am the first male in the family to graduate from college, and I want to become the first in my family to become a lawyer. While I was in college, I took part in a group research project: we outlined a strategy for providing nutritional supplements to rural villages in Uganda and submitted the strategy to UNICEF. My social science training kindled my interest in law school and my interest in constitutional law. 

What activities have you been involved in? I was a 1L representative for Delta Theta Pi and am now Dean (President) of the chapter. I was also a student representative for Kaplan.

Why did you choose NIU Law? I went on a tour of NIU Law and felt immediately welcomed by other students, by faculty, and by staff. In addition, I felt that NIU Law would be able to provide me with an education that would make me competitive in the professional world. Finally, because I had no previous legal background, NIU Law’s dedication to resume-building and networking opportunities was very attractive. 

This interview was conducted in Fall 2012.

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