Clayton T. Merschbrock

Clayton T. Merschbrock

About Clayton: I’m from Charlestown, Indiana. I completed my undergraduate degree at Franklin College in May 2012. When I was in 4th grade, my basketball coach told me I would be a great lawyer, so I took his advice and became very interested in anything involving the law. I’m a very active person and love all sports. When I’m not studying the law, you can find me on a basketball court or pumping some iron.

Previous Legal and/or Professional Experience: While in college, I had two internships working with criminal defense attorneys who worked in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. These attorneys helped show me what a career involving criminal law would be like and gave me valuable pre-law experience.

What activities are you involved in? I was very involved within the campus community of my undergraduate institution, both academically and socially. I have the intention of being part of several organizations. My fellow students have made it very easy for me to become involved within the NIU Law community.

This interview was conducted in Fall 2012.

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