Legal Practice Courses

Professor lecturing

A law student's preparation for a career as an attorney begins with mastering the fundamental skills that are necessary tools for the successful lawyer of today. This is accomplished in a variety of courses that simulate practice in today's legal world of both traditional court room litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution.

The College of Law has designed a comprehensive approach to skills training that begins in the first year and continues throughout the second and third years of the curriculum. It employs the latest technology, both as teaching tools and as means of communication and persuasion with which the present day advocate must be familiar. It is also distinguished by the high degree of involvement of members of the full time faculty. This provides for the ultimate integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of a well-rounded legal education.

In the first year, students take two, full-year required courses, Basic Legal Research and Legal Writing and Advocacy. Recognizing that effective legal research and communication are the basic skills utilized every day by the successful practitioner, these courses address these skills at the beginning of law school. The two courses employ coordinated, real-life exercises.