Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a student must have satisfactorily completed 90 semester hours of credit, including all required courses, with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 (C) or better (2.20 or better for students matriculating in fall 2012 or later), and must satisfy the seminar writing requirement.

Seminar Writing Requirement

Each student must take a 3-hour seminar during his or her fourth or fifth semester and submit, as a requirement of that course, one or more written projects which demonstrate a capacity for meaningful legal research and an ability to express such research in written form. The project(s) must receive a grade of C or better. Ordinarily a student will satisfy this requirement by submitting a paper which is written in law review comment form. This requirement may also be satisfied by the submission of (1) a single significant work in other than law review comment form (e.g., brief, memorandum); or (2) two or more works (e.g., problem analyses, opinion letters, short memoranda) provided that the single work or the multiple works, taken together, are substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to a law review comment. The major submission by a student in any such seminar must involve multiple drafts and significant research and analysis.

Typically, four or five research seminars are offered each semester. Offerings have included seminars in civil rights litigation, corporate governance donative transfers, educational law, environmental law, family law, Illinois constitutional law, immigration law, international business, medical malpractice, sports and entertainment law, and tax policy.