696 Sexuality and the Law (3)

A course focusing on the government’s regulation of sexuality, including sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. The course materials cover federal and state constitutional law (including the doctrines of privacy, equal protection, freedom of expression and freedom of association) and state statutory law (including employment law and family law). Topics covered may include the right to sexual privacy; theories of sexuality; military policies that discriminate based on sex and sexual orientation; government censorship of sexually explicit art; discrimination by private entities, primarily employers, on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression; the course may overlap with topics in family law relevant to the issue of state control and definitions of “family” including domestic partnerships, gay marriage (or prohibitions of gay marriage), custody, adoption, alternative reproduction and issues surrounding parentage. “Sexuality” topics necessarily raise analyses of the intersection of race, gender and sexual orientation.

This course is normally offered every other year.