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658 International Civil Litigation in United States Courts (3)

This course will examine the process of litigating claims of an international character in U.S. Courts. Law firms that represent foreign clients look for attorneys who can handle international claims in U.S. territory and before American courts. This course is focused on equipping lawyers for handling and litigating claims by foreign plaintiffs, or against foreign defendants, in U.S. judicial proceedings.

The following topics will be covered in the course: Subject matter jurisdiction of U.S. courts in international disputes; Jurisdiction of U.S. courts over parties in international disputes; Jurisdiction of U.S. courts over foreign states, including immunities; Forum selection in international litigation in U.S. courts; Parallel proceedings in U.S. courts; Legislative jurisdiction and international claims litigation in U.S. courts; Jurisdiction of state law in international proceedings in U.S. courts; Choice of Law as applied to international tort and contract claims in federal court litigation ; Service of process on foreign defendants; International discovery and taking evidence abroad; Foreign judgments: recognition and enforcement in U.S. courts; and International commercial arbitration and U.S. courts: an overview.

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