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Sarah Walsh

What event did you attend?

The Federalist Society Lawyers Convention

Where was the event located?

Washington, D.C., at the Mayflower Hotel

What happened at the event?

The Federalist Society Lawyers Convention was a tremendous educational experience. Throughout the weekend, I was exposed to a wealth of legal theories and varying arguments on current hot issues. The convention was a unique opportunity to more fully understand arguments on either side of a given policy. Topics were presented primarily in panel format, providing a range of opinions on each issue.

What was the most interesting part of the event?

One of the only debates at the convention featured a former ACLU President and a former U.S. Attorney General. Professor Nadine Strossen and Hon. Michael B. Mukasey debated the issue of metadata collection by the U.S. Government, and it became evident that spirited and cheerful debate is the ideal means by which to present issues and understand legal policy. Rather than assuming an ideology, understanding the opposing arguments is necessary in order to form an intelligent opinion. Professor Strossen demonstrated her commitment to spirited debate in a way that I will always remember. Even those who disagreed with her position certainly respected her arguments.

This interview was conducted in Spring 2015.

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