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Keith M. Stiggers

Keith M. Stiggers

Keith Stiggers thrived during his first year of law school by getting involved in a number of student organizations and developing life-long relationships, while keeping school as his first priority. He is a Chicago native who first came to Northern Illinois University as an undergraduate, and after getting his degree in political science decided to use that knowledge and experience in his pursuit of a law degree. Mr. Stiggers plans to bring his strong work ethic and determination to the realm of corporate law after graduation.

What was your experience as a first-year student like? During my first year, I was pushed academically and mentally but the reward was worth the experience. As a student I learned so much about general legal concepts but I also grew as a person. I learned how to organize and developed good study habits.

Sum up your first year in one sentence. My experience as a first-year student was stressful but ultimately rewarding.

What was the most rewarding part of your first year? The most rewarding part of my first year was realizing how much I have learned about the law. It’s amazing how much information you can retain when you keep yourself focused.

Why are you thankful you chose NIU Law? I am thankful I chose NIU Law because of the relationships I have developed here. I have a whole community of great people I can count on, and I’m confident that the bonds that I have forged this year will be lifelong.

What advice would you give to incoming first-year law students? The main advice I would give a first year law student is to practice great time management. There will many days in which you wish there were more hours. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t come as easy as you might like. Stay persistent and organize your days accordingly. School comes first.

What activities are you involved in (both inside and outside of the law school)?During my first year I was a representative for Delta Theta Phi, a Student Bar Association representative and a member of many other organizations. I was also a part of the Student Program Prioritization Task Force.

What did you do this summer (externships, clerkships, internships, study abroad, etc.)? I studied abroad with NIU Law's Agen, France exchange program.

What has your study abroad experience been like? My study abroad experience in Agen, France was remarkable. I was able to compare the civil and common law systems. Both systems have much to learn from one another.

What is your goal after law school? My goal after law school is to become a corporate attorney. I hope to work in the realm of business and contract litigation. I could also see myself having a career in politics later in life as well.

This interview was conducted in Summer 2016. 

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Undergraduate Institution:
Northern Illinois University

Undergraduate Major: Political Science

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

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