How To...

EFI PrintMe logo Use EFI Printing:
1. Send an email with your attachment to
-- you will receive a 6-digit code to be used to retrieve your document.
2. Walk to the Print Station in the Law Library.
3. Login to Canon 4025.
4. Select “EFI Print.”
5. Enter your 6 digit code.
6. Wait for the document to be queued.
7. Select email body/attachment.
8. Click print.
9. You can send your document from anywhere and it will be held in the cloud for 24 hours before it is deleted.

 Hand on mouse Use Windows Remote Assistance:
1. Click Start button
2. Type “msra.exe” in a Search programs and files box.
3. Select “Invite someone you trust to help you.”
4. Select “Use e-mail to send an invitation.”
5. Enter email address of user to send invitation.
6. Remote Helper will ask for “Connection Password.”
  a. 12 Character Code (i.e. 2XSM3Z6TY46V)
 Checkmark Set Default Programs:
1. Click Start button.
2. Select “Default Programs.”
3. Select “Set your default Programs.”
4. Wait for programs to populate screen.
5. Choose “Outlook.”
6. Select “Set this program as default.”
7. Click OK.
This will set Microsoft Outlook as a default email program. The same process can be used to set Microsoft Word or Word Perfect as a default word editing program.